A glimpse of a typical day with my Son Omari

Monday, June 05, 2017

Normally I’m confident, Since having the baby I now doubt myself more and question my knowledge (I’ve never done this before!) and intuition (this feels right but google says no?). I don’t know how to navigate the unfamiliar feeling of being responsible for another human! Being a new mom is probably the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. 

Catch a glimpse of a typical day in the Fakhoury home.

1 AM: Baby burst out hungry cries. Whips out boob, feed and change his diapers.

3 AM: Baby cries & want to be fed. Change diapers and rock him back to sleep and pump some breast milk to be stored.

5 AM: Baby hungry cries. Look for his pacifier to use as a 10 minute snooze button. Continue “hitting snooze” until baby gets pissed….ooopsss now he needs real food lol.

6 AM: He’s up and won’t go back to sleep :(

7 AM: Change baby’s diaper. Baby blows up new diaper. Change baby’s diaper again. Pump milk

8 AM: Baby sleeps, make some breakfast, clean up the house and do laundry.

9 AM: Feed baby. Kiss baby all over until baby eventually gets super irritated. Rock baby for nap. Lay baby down. Check baby’s breathing every few minutes lol (don’t judge first time mom).

10 AM: Baby wakes. Poops again and this time it’s very yellowish in color. Change diaper. Google, “Is it normal for a yellowish poop?” Read several results and become convinced baby is fine.

11 AM: Get baby dressed in adorable outfit. Take 56 pictures. Post on Snapchat & Instagram. Reply comments and monitor for likes lol.

12 PM: Feed baby. Burp baby. Call a friend. Baby starts screaming. Hangs up and cater for him.

1 PM: Realize I’m starving. Baby is gassy and cries when put down. Try and microwave food, eating one handed while holding a crying baby. Say lots of cuss words in my mind.

2 PM: Baby naps. Take 23 pictures of sweet, sleeping angel and text 3 to parents & friends. Exhausted, debate cleaning the house, shower Or just nap. Decide to work on my laptop. Continue to check baby’s breathing every 2 minutes. Pumps milk to store in the freezer. 

3 PM: Feed baby. Burp baby. Get doused in spit up. Notice a little rash. Call his doctor. Doctor says baby acne is normal. Now i can take a deep breathe lol.

4 PM: Continue to douse baby in kisses and talk enthusiastically in squeaky high voice until he eventually gets bored and starts fussing. He only cries when I’m sitting down. Take baby for a walk in the park or to Dunkin Donuts because mommy needs that coffee.

5 PM: Baby finally falls asleep. Be too afraid to move while holding sleeping baby.

6 PM: Feed baby. Welcome home husband by throwing baby at him.

7 PM: As husband holds baby, i’m pumping milk and working on several projects on my computer.

8 PM: Give baby a bath. Take 100 pictures. Try rocking wide awake baby to sleep. Eventually begin singing “Please go to sleep before I lose my freaking mind”.

9 PM: As I rock sleepy baby, tells husband to make me tea after I put baby down.

10 PM: Fall asleep rocking baby.

11 PM: Watch a show with my husband while drinking my tea.


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  1. Awww ! As they continue to get older their sleep pattern will change too and that might get easier. May God make it all easier for you in Jesus name. Amen ����


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