Do babies usually say mama or dada first?

Friday, January 26, 2018

Is it true that babies say "Dada" before "Mama" because it's easier for their development? 

I had a lot of people tell me that "dada" is usually the first word that i shouldn't worry "Mama" will come as soon as he's ready, i don't know if they were being insensitive jerks LOL. I really didn't find it funny that after a whole 9 solid months of carrying him and i also planned to stay at home until he turns 1 then he's going to break my heart by saying "dada" first? NO WAY.

I kind of came to a conclusion, As the primary caregiver(most times moms), you are selfless! When you’re feeding, bathing and playing with your baby, it’s never about you. You talk about your spouse ("dada" or "mama"). You and your baby facetime with the parent they don’t get to see all day. “Who’s that? It’s Dada or Mama!, "Say Bye Dada or Mama", give Dada or Mama a kiss", Love you dada or mama (depends on your case)!.
So if you are feeling bad that your precious bundle won’t say your goddamned name, maybe you can use this as an excuse.

In my case what i did was while changing his diapers, feeding him, bathing him and playing with him i repeatedly said "mama" to him and to my greatest surprise he said "MAMA" first.

So i think it's not not necessarily true for the first word to be "Dada''. Some kids say Mama first and some kids say Dada first. It mostly depends on who is around the child the most when they are learning to talk. 

I would love to know my followers first word as a baby or if you have a child, what was his or her first word, please comment below.



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  1. I totally understand your broken
    But yeah the truth is 99% of mom's i know say their babies always say dada first! And i agree with this based on personal experience! My Princess always say "Dada" but I'm yet to hear her say mama! However, I'm patiently waiting for that Day!

    1. Well lucky for me, he didn't break my fragile heart. He said "mama" first lol

  2. Dada was my first word lol... makes sense since I'm a daddy's girl 😊


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